Chris Greene
Chris Greene
Also Known As
Christopher Greene
Birth Date
2000 (Making him 8)
Birth Place
Somewhere in the Gaeltacht


Chris is from the Gaeltacht and can speak fluent Irish, even though he is only 8 years old. His favourite things are McFlurrys and the indoors. He does not go outside unless he has to. He hangs round with people that look like stoners. He, like Mary, likes to run a lot.


Chris is the presenter of iTalk. He got the job with his experience with college radio (Flirt FM). His researcher and co-presenter is Mary (Who Works on the Show). He is good friends with Peter Ganley who drops into the studio now and again.


We don't know much about Chris' love life, but many fans speculate that Chris may secretly have deep romantic feelings for Mary. Although, this has never been proven and he has denied all such accusations.

Chris' DepartureEdit

Chris left iTalk during the 2 week break. He decided to go back to college. Mary is now the new iTalk full presenter.

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